University Grove Hardship Guidelines

Matters to Be Considered in Determining Hardship Cases

The purpose of this paper is to define clear criteria for the University of Minnesota to consider a request for a hardship waiver or exemption. The granting of this waiver allows a University Grove homeowner to sell his or her home to a non-Eligible Lessee. The University will evaluate each case, individually, on its own merit. This paper outlines the content of an application for a hardship waiver as well. Other relevant information is welcome, but the University expects that Grove homeowners requesting the hardship waiver will provide at least the information specified in these guidelines. This information can also help the University and UGA officers identify other factors that may influence the marketability of Grove homes to Eligible Lessees (qualified to purchase a home in University Grove).

I. The University considers the following factors in evaluating each application for a hardship waiver.
  1. Health or financial circumstances necessitating the immediate sale of the home. The construction or purchase by the Grove homeowner of another home elsewhere will not be considered by itself a sufficient basis for the granting of an early hardship (i.e., before the home has been on the market for 90 days, clocked as specified in Section II.2.)
  2. Other factors indicating hardship.
  3. Due diligence in marketing the home to Eligible Lessees, particularly the length of time on the market, the extent of marketing activities to reach Eligible Lessees, and the amount of interest in the home.
  4. Consult with the University Grove Association officers.
II. The University will regard an application for a hardship waiver as complete when it contains the following information.
  1. A cover letter which describes the specific circumstances that necessitate the Grove homeowner’s application for a hardship exemption.

    i. Any health or financial circumstances motivating the immediate sale of the home.

    ii. Any other factors indicating hardship.

  2. Copies of the following documents: This list coincides with standard practices and documentation in selling a home generally and includes activities to promote sales to Eligible Lessees.

    i. Evidence of the home’s value in the form of two or more Comparative Market Analyses (these may be obtained at no expense to the seller from any Real Estate Broker or Agent) from two separate real estate firms (i.e., competitors). Two real estate appraisals will also be acceptable, should the Grove homeowner wish to pay the cost of obtaining the appraisals.

    ii. Documentation that the seller or the seller’s agent has submitted the home to the UGA Web pages more than 90 days before the seller applies for a hardship exemption. Please include a hardcopy of the submission with the hardship waiver application.

    iii. Documentation that the seller or the seller’s agent has sent the home listing to Housing and Residential Life for distribution to the Deans, Directors and Department Heads mailing list (the campus mailing list) at least 60 days prior to applying for a hardship exemption. This service is part of the annual rental fee for the land paid to the University by the Grove homeowner. Please include a copy of the request letter and home listing with the application for hardship waiver.

    iv. Documentation that the seller or the seller’s agent has delivered or sent a notice identifying and describing the home listed for sale to all Grove residents at least 60 days prior to applying for a hardship exemption. Please include a copy of the notice and date sent or delivered, with the application for a hardship waiver.

    v. Documentation to demonstrate marketing activity by the seller or the seller’s agent to reach Eligible Lessees. Please include a list of dates of open houses, a copy of the attendance list from each open house, a list of other showings, and a list of any other marketing activities, such as placed advertisements, that the realtor or homeowner may have undertaken.

    vi. A record of all sales offers for the home. For each offer, state whether or not the prospective purchases is qualified to purchase a home in the Grove (an Eligible Lessee) and the date and amount of the offer.

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